Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Upcoming Featured Artist : VENG (RWK)

We were stoked when Chris from Robots Will Kill accepted our invite to join our Featured Artist Collective. We have been following Chris and his partner in crime Veng for a while now and enjoyed both of their work. So we invited Veng to be part of our featured artist crew and he accepted as well.

Veng is an artist that has been taking murals and street art to a whole new level. He has worked with stencils, paint, boards and wheatpastes. He has been part of the Robots Will Kill collective for years and has worked on many murals in NYC and beyond. We are very happy to have him be part of Abztract and can't wait to see the work he will be providing to our fans.

Check out some of his work below as well as his Flickr page.

Veng along side Chris RWK and Flying Fortress