Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cross Walk Street Art - The unnoticed art form

Street Art is not set to one sort of medium. It does not require spray paint on a wall or a stencil to be cut. Street art (at least in our opinion) is any form of art displayed on, with or part of the streets. It is taking the art outside the four walls of the galleries and placing it in the wide open space of the public.

Here at BGB we enjoy giving props to street art from around the world. From time to time, we come across some stuff that is no necessarily a stencil painting or a character on the wall. Sometimes we find some great stuff that takes the things you are so used to seeing on a daily basis, and making an alteration to it. Sometimes its subtle and goes unnoticed by many. Sometimes is obvious and cracks a smile upon passerby.

When we came across this on Urban Prankster, it made us smile. Granted, I never pay attention to the cross walk instruction signs and if one of these ever was displayed in front of me, I would probably not notice. But, having it photographed for the purpose of showing the art, it kind of makes us want to slow down and pay more attention to the streets.
After all, there is art everywhere in it.

Via Flickr