Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Upcoming Featured Artist: Justin Emerson

We love lunch time. It is a great time to take a break from the daily grind and enjoy a nice meal (unless we made it ourselves, in which case, it may be burned or old). What do we love more than lunch? Drinking during lunch! But even MORE than that, we love ROBOTS. Who doesn't love robots? Besides that weird guy from Short Circuit.

We love lunch because it helps us break away from feeling like a robot during our working hours of daily grind. Not because we don't dig our jobs, we do. We just actually really imagine we are robots while we work. With lasers and titanium gloves and everything. We even answer our phones with our sexy robot voice (because it scares away the telemarketers).

So when we met Justin Emerson at the Gawker ALT/ART show where we had some of our Featured Artists work hanging (and so was Justin's) we immediately fell in love with the beauty of the concept of his art.

Justin creates Lunchbots (disposable drawings on lunch bags). He began making them for his children and now is actually gaining some water-cooler street cred for these awesome lunchbag drawings.

Since we reach out to artists we really dig and are inspired by, we asked Justin to join our Featured Artist Collective. Justin has accepted and we now working with him on some original art which he will be painting on one of our engraved Abztract skateboards. We will also soon be releasing a limited edition print of his design in our SHOP.

So check out some of these lunchbag disposable drawings and stay tuned as we will bring you more info once his art hits our site as well as an upcoming artist interview.