Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Dark Side of Art

UPDATE: Due to recent scams and apparently a whole plethora of blog posts, forum discussions and articles (including posts by David Flores, Shepard Fairy and Kaws) in regards to the very shady business practices that Art Asylum Boston have been conducting (both robbing customers for money or refusing to pay artists or even offering art from famous artist for a charity event that never existed) we want to let our readers and fans know that we are in no way affiliated to them. To know more about what AAB did, you may visit: The Life Vicarious as well as read our official statement HERE.
We will leave the post below in its original form (somewhat) so that viewers can still enjoy the photos and info from the night.

We here at Abztract are fans of three things. 1) Street Art. first and foremost. 2) The occasional skate or surf session when time permits it. and 3) Star Wars.

This past weekend, we drove up to Boston to be part of the Art Strikes Back art show curated by Art Asylum Boston.
Not only did the event have booze and amazing art by the likes of KAWS, Mr. Brainwash, RYCA, Scribe, Evoker, David Flores, Shai Dahan, Rourke Van Dal, our pal Arkiv and many others, but it also had the blessing of Lucas Films (UPDATE: Some of the artists including KAWS have come forward that they never offered their art to this event and are unsure how AAB got their work for this event. It also has come out that Lucas Films never gave their blessings regardless of AAB confirming this to us). To put icing on the cake, the event had three storm troopers in full decked out outfits at the event who spent the time dancing, drinking and most importantly, posing inappropriately with guests (which we will keep in our personal collection as to not embarrass the Empire).

Below are a few images from the event and you can see ALL the photos from the event by visiting our ABZTRACT Flickr page by clicking here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/abztractgallery/sets/72157622633201481/

Abztract co-founder Shai Dahan, Rebels, and Art Asylum Boston founder Jason Zenga
Update: Abztract/Shai Dahan is no longer in contact with Jason Zenga and has no affiliation with Jason or AAB.