Sunday, November 15, 2009

Abztract supports STOKED AWARDS 2009

On Thursday, STOKED MENTORING held their annual Stoked Awards to celebrate the success, inspiration and achievement for Stoked.
Stoked is a youth development program that utilizes the power of non-traditional sports and mentoring to create successful teens.

This year, Abztract had the pleasure to donate the skills and talents of our in-house artist Shai Dahan. Along with his father, Jacob (who is an excellent wood craftsman), shaped and hand painted custom awards for the Stoked Award evening gala (seen above).

The awards were given to Bob McKnight, CEO of Quiksilver. Jonathan Drubner and Erick Tobar (Mentor and Mentee pair) and Dan Bealey. An additional surprise award was given to Sal Masekela.

We are proud of the awards we have been able to provide for the event as well as being able to support and take part of this amazing charity.

You may visit STOKED on their site at: and read more about the awards and the recipients at

images below via Flickr: by Indegrow

Jonathan Drubner and Erick Tobar

Sal Masekela

Artist Abe Lincoln Jr. freehanding a design on the amazing Nooka toys

Bob McKnight of Quiksilver