Friday, September 24, 2010

JMR ads color to NIKE

JMR, a friend and a featured Abztract artist was commissioned to do work for NIKE for their Chicago "House Of Hoops".
I am not a fan of basketball myself. I am familiar with words like "flagrant foul" and "Court" but it mostly relates to my ex girlfriends.
Well JMR (or as his RUN DMC cover group used to call him: Jam Master R) did these wonderful pieces which were then installed in Chi town. Congrats to J. Now when is the RUN DMC coverband going on tour again?

Moderna - Tonight in NJ

Our good pal and featured artist Joe Iurato is part of a dope looking art show in Jersey tonight. If you won't be in front of your television watching your DVR'd Oprah episodes, then put down that "Gotta Have It" size Coldstone Ice Cream bowl down and slap on your freshest sneakers and head to the train station. It is a hop and skip away (if you are into skipping, although we don't recommend it in NYC). Head over and check out some art on what will soon be end of summer and you will be back in your house crying with Oprah over a Mudpie Mojo.