Monday, September 28, 2009

Weave Install : New stuff from Jordan Seiler

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Friday, September 25, 2009

Pandemic Gallery Install and Studio Visit

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Preview: Pandemic Gallery X Abztract Artist Collective

Abztract received some of the artwork for the Sept. 25th Pandemic X Abztract artshow in Brooklyn NY.

Below are some images of some of the artists/artwork that will be getting installed later this week. We will have additional images of other works as we install at Pandemic tomorrow night.

All artwork will be available for purchase at our opening reception on the 25th so make sure to stop by.

Pandemic Gallery presents Abztract Artists Collective
Time: Sept. 25th, 2009
7 - 11 pm
37 Broadway, Brooklyn NY (between Kent and Wythe Ave)

Artist: JMR

Artist: JMR

Artist: Royce Bannon

Artist: Justin Emerson

Artist: Veng (RWK)

Artist: Chris RWK

David Ellis X Blu : Animation Painting from FAME Festival


via Unurth

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heath Kirchart & Jeremy Klein -It's Burning Men (the end)

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Making Of Blueprint III - Art Of An Album Cover

Some folks don't realize the effort and work that goes into making album covers and Jay-Z's "Blueprint III" is no exception.  When we first saw the album cover (like many others it seems) we assumed the image was computer generated.  But, this video goes to show that album covers can be just as artistic as the album they are made for.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Banksy spotted in London

Via Nuart09

Friday, September 18, 2009

Logan Hicks Timelapse : NuArt 2009

Loving the detail in the process that Logan puts into his work:

via NuArt

Royce Bannon : A new page on street-art

Our buddy and featured artist Royce Bannon has a new bi-monthly page in the Sept./Oct SOURCE Magazine which features photos by our other good friends Jim and Karla Murray.

For those who read our blog, know that J & K Murray put together the amazing event of Mom & Popism along with Billi Kid earlier this summer. They have some amazing books out and are a fantastic inspiration and passionate about graffiti, street art and NYC in general.

Royce Bannon is a great artist known for his famous monsters.
Pick up a copy of the issue and check it out.

Twelvedoors Art Project : Dublin Ireland

We received and email late lastnight about an interesting project going on in Ireland named Twelvedoors.
An accountants office in Dublin was so inspired by the beauty and message of current local street art during the recession that they donated their office door to be painted on by one street artist per a month for 12 months time.

Participating are Irelands leading street artists such as Will St Ledger, Fink, Canvaz and more.

We think this is a great idea. Not only is the beauty of an accountant office to collab with today's street art community a step forward to people accepting street art and letting it be seen, but it also helps promote how negative times can be inspiring and in some cases, uplifting to the local community. We would encourage more offices around the world to donate their doors, walls and interiors to their local street artists. Help promote local art and at the same time, help people be distracted of their daily financial problems by focusing on the beauty within the city's walls.

Here is a copy of the official press release:
"Facing into the relentless negativity of recessionary depression, we were inspired by the artivism of the Irish Street Art community to make our space more intriguing. We have donated our office door to to use, abuse, deface and delight over the next twelve months. Twelve artists each control the door for 1 month. The Door Art is transient; each artist paints over the previous months work. The work of will be complete when we conclude the twelfth artist in the twelfth month.

If you are in Ireland, swing by:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barrel Monster spotted crushing babies in Raleigh, NC

For those not familiar with the name Joseph Carnevale, he is the artist who constructed a monster out of orange barrels back in June. See here.

The kid was later arrested, and then became famous enough to make TIME magazine "10 street artists you should know besides Banksy" (really? TIME does street art articles now? and who the fuck is Banksy? lol)

Anyway, looks like the kid may be at it again.

Nice work Joe. Now get out of dodge before that hardcore Raleigh Police comes knocking.

Pop! Paint - Ballons

Nice work in Avalon Sydney. If anyone knows who did this, leave it in the comment section please.

via Flickr

JMR NYC event tonight

Featured artist JMR will have an exhibit tonight along side fashion photographer Eli Hue in NYC tonight (Sept. 17th).
The event will also feature a run way show and free booze from 9 to 10 (woo hoo).
Abztract will be attending and showing support (probably starting at 9 pm, you may find us near the bar).

Come join us and JMR at this Fashion Week final days.

Event: End of Fall 09 Fashion Week Runway Show and Exhibit by Eli Hue
"Last night to see a Fashion week Runway Show and Exhibit"

What: Exhibit
Start Time: Today, September 17 at 9:00pm
End Time: Tomorrow, September 18 at 4:00pm
Where: Webster Hall, Green Awning

Id-iom let's a little sunshine in

Freshness. Nuf said.

BSA Presents: Where The Wild Robots Are

Brooklyn Street Art, a fantastic blog site that we read religiously here at Abztract compiled not only photos, but a video AND interview with Abztract featured artists Chris and Veng from Robots Will Kill.

Chris and Veng spent two days painting a mural giving homage to "Where The Wild Things Are" book by giving their own interpretation of it by painting characters that are both influenced by the book and the imagination of these talented artists.

Above is the video timelapse of the piece but we highly encourage everyone to go over to the BSA website ( and check out the interview and the close up photographs (the RWK stencil wallpaper is just amazing).

Stop reading this post and go to BSA already...go go go.

via BSA. Photo by Jamie Rojo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Please join us on September 25th as Pandemic Gallery will be hosting an open reception curating the Abztract Artist Collective. The event will feature 13 of our Featured Artists. Please feel free to bring a friend. Hope to see you there.

Upcoming Featured Artist : ARKIV

Arkiv Vilemansa has been painting, illustrating and designing cartoon like figures since 2005. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor degree in Architecture he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing figures as his inspiration for this change of career path.

At 26 years old, Arkiv, an artist from Indonesia has been taking over peoples desks and collection shelves with his ARKIV vinyl toy. A creature he has designed himself that has been gaining popularity among collectors. Arkiv has been painting his character for a while now and creating mash ups of iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse and Marvin The Martian using his ARKIV character design.

Arkiv describes himself: “I’m a half animal and half dream. I’m a blend of an overweight panda and Killer whale. I eat kids and I drink bloods. I’m instantly rude and 100% dirty. I sleep longer than any creation the world has ever seen, I sleep like a dead hero and no star. I talk rubbish and my breath smells like it.”

Abztract will have a few original pieces from Arkiv exclusively on So stay tuned and stay Abztract.

Also, we had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Art Asylum Boston. As they are featuring ARKIV as one of their featured artist as well, Abztract and Art Asylum Boston will be joining together to co-curate two solo shows for Arkiv in 2010 right here in the U.S. after he has completed his gallery tour in Europe (Amsterdam, London and a few other spots).

So stay tuned for more info on the ARKIV X ABZTRACT X ART ASYLUM BOSTON events coming later next year. For now, check out the amazing talents and products that Art Asylum Boston has to offer at