Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blood Sport: Jordan Seiler "Best Seller" Round II

In the battle between NYC Advertising and Public Ad Campaign, we consider the score to be 0 - 1 after the last phonebooth kiosk installs that artist and activist Jordan Seiler done with his first hit of National Bestseller series.

Well, looks like Mr. Seiler has hit them again. Making the score 0 - 2. There is seriously no stopping this kid. The fact that this piece in particular is even more red and bloody only reiterates how hard he hits these advertisements and how he brings attention to the public about their space and how much it is highjacked with advertising.

From the Public Ad Campaign website, Jordan writes:

National Bestseller is an ongoing project in collaboration with the outdoor advertising companies operating NYC phone kiosks, including VanWagner, and Titan Media. This recent image was put up on Broadway between Boerum and Union avenue in Brooklyn. Each piece is made up of one entire booked striped of its spine and pasted back together. Every 10th piece gets a treatment in red. Often attacking illegal advertiement in NYC, this project confronts legal ads on the street in an effort to express my interest in an advertisement free public space.

Update: It was brought to our attention that this actually a third install. Nice to know that the score is even bigger. Awesome stuff indeed.