Friday, September 18, 2009

Twelvedoors Art Project : Dublin Ireland

We received and email late lastnight about an interesting project going on in Ireland named Twelvedoors.
An accountants office in Dublin was so inspired by the beauty and message of current local street art during the recession that they donated their office door to be painted on by one street artist per a month for 12 months time.

Participating are Irelands leading street artists such as Will St Ledger, Fink, Canvaz and more.

We think this is a great idea. Not only is the beauty of an accountant office to collab with today's street art community a step forward to people accepting street art and letting it be seen, but it also helps promote how negative times can be inspiring and in some cases, uplifting to the local community. We would encourage more offices around the world to donate their doors, walls and interiors to their local street artists. Help promote local art and at the same time, help people be distracted of their daily financial problems by focusing on the beauty within the city's walls.

Here is a copy of the official press release:
"Facing into the relentless negativity of recessionary depression, we were inspired by the artivism of the Irish Street Art community to make our space more intriguing. We have donated our office door to to use, abuse, deface and delight over the next twelve months. Twelve artists each control the door for 1 month. The Door Art is transient; each artist paints over the previous months work. The work of will be complete when we conclude the twelfth artist in the twelfth month.

If you are in Ireland, swing by: