Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gaia / Sten & Lex at Brooklynite

This weekend (10.16.2010) Brooklynite Gallery is hosting Sten & Lex along with Gaia.
This should be a sweet show and worth checking out (especially since as of this moment, there is no rain due for Saturday). So come down. Wether you are in Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey, The city or heck...even in North Carolina. Just come down and hang out. Check out some great art and feel the good vibes of Brooklynite Gallery and friends. We know we will.


In recent weeks, it has come to our attention that a gallery based in Boston named Art Asylum Boston has been involved in treating their clients, customers and artists in a very poor and unprofessional manner.
We at Abztract can not erase the fact that we have worked with AAB in the past (taking part in the Art Strikes Back art show as well as mentioning their upcoming shows and events on this very blog). But, what we can make sure is that people out there do not get scammed in the future by the terrible business practices that Art Asylum Boston are currently being accused of.

We at Abztract and BirdGunBlog love art. We love the hard working artists who work with us, we love the artists who inspire us daily and we love the people who keep this culture moving forward. Whether its supporting the culture by donating artwork to a charity, purchasing art, blogging about recent events, photographing found art on local streets, or even a gallery (large or small) who help give artists a chance to share their talent with people who enjoy seeing it, the support of the people in this culture is what makes it so great and really what makes us here enjoy working in it day in and day out.

We are saddened to see that there are people out there who take advantage of those who love and appreciate the arts and use it to serve themselves an unprofessional manner.
So, we just want to let our fans, family and friends know that Abztract and BirdGunBlog have no affiliation with Art Asylum Boston or their actions. We hope that the people at AAB will face their actions. Whether its standing in front of the people they have taken advantage of, or having the law catch up to them. We hope that the people who ended up getting the bad deal in the situation get what rightfully belongs to them.

The Abztract Family