Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sneak Preview: Joseph Dias

Joseph Dias is incredible with a can. When we first came across a couple of his murals we couldn't figure out how he was able to achieve the color and precision that was executed on the walls with nothing but a can and a tip.

But to some, art comes naturally. To Joseph, it isn't natural. It's second nature.

When we invited Joseph to our artist collective, he came on board as the first Graffiti artist. But we soon found out that graffiti was only a small skill from a big talent. Joseph has been a fine artist, designer and painter for a long time. While graffiti is a mistress that he spends time with in the dark hours of the night, his soul remains in painting and drawing all hours of the day.

Currently Joseph, a Los Angeles native, is painting one of our signature skate decks. He sent over a few photos for us to check out the progress he's making.

We are excited to see how this turns out and even more so, to see what else this guy will concur.