Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming Featured Artist : ROYCE BANNON

We love monsters.  Heck, who doesn't?  But we especially love the creatures that were made infamous by the talent of Royce Bannon.

Born and raised in NYC Royce has had time to claim the five boroughs with his monster creatures.  From walls to doors and everything in between, his monsters have been invading the NYC street art scene for a long time.

Royce is also a member of the Endless Love Crew which is a street art collective of some very talented artists including Celso, Abe Lincoln Jr, Anera and Infinity.

So we asked Royce about joining the roster here at the Abztract artist collective and he was down.  So, make sure to keep an eye out for some original, exclusive Royce Bannon art to hit the Abztract SHOP soon.  

Here is some of Royce Bannon's work as well as his website 

Royce Bannon and fellow Abztract Featured Artist Veng from RWK

Royce and fellow artist Matt Siren 

Royce and fellow Featured Artist Chris from RWK