Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is rare to see a company put out a commercial that actually makes us feel both nostalgic and crack a smile.
Many companies tend to try too hard to be viral or hire hip/trendy people and artists and what not to sell their products. We understand the nature of that. It's business and you want to reach a specific/certain market. But, most of the time it is not pulled off and leads to a giant FAIL within the community that you tried to connect with.

But, when we ran across this commercial, it really did make us remember the days in Venice that we would wake up to palm trees and telephone wires and grab a board and just skate the day away. Granted, now we can't enjoy those moments as much as we wish we could, but to watch this, gave us the nostalgic feeling that "Hey, that is so us back in the day" (before we became old farts who blog and watch youtube videos).

Good to see NIKE SB actually put out something that, for a change, made us leave the Youtube window open to the very end.