Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Street Spot - Site worth seeing

Luna Park and Becki Fuller have both been highly recognized names in the street art community for documenting the NYC street art and graffiti scene with their cameras for many years.

Now, Luna and Becki have partnered up with our pals at Robots Will Kill (which is the collective of both Abztract featured artists Chris and Veng among a few others). With this partnership, they have started a site called The Street Spot where they will be bringing photos of street art + gaffiti from NYC and all around the world. They will also have artist interviews, visits to studios and much much more.

We here at Abztract are very excited about this. The Flickr accounts for both Becki and Luna have been very famous and visited by us here at BGB atleast once a day if not more to get updated on the most current street art in the NYC scene. They are both very talented and extremely passionate about the art community.

So we recommend all of you to check out The Street Spot as well as the Flickr pages for both Luna Park and Becki Fuller.

Paint. Shoot. And be Marry.