Saturday, August 8, 2009

Congrats to our Featured Artists

We here at Abztract take pride when original art of our Featured Artists sells.  It means that we have done something right and helped bring affordable and fresh art by our artists to the homes of happy fans.
So, we want to congratulate Temple7e, Philip Lumbang and Shai Dahan for having their original skateboards sold this week.  Temple7e's Ganesh skateboard has been a big hit at our Gawker Artists exhibit.  Philip's HUG LIFE bear has been getting a lot of attention. From to many other sites that have been following Phil's amazing talent gain exposure faster than we could ever wish for him.   Finally, Shai's skateboards continue to spread across the world.  With skateboards sold to customers all across the U.S. and even as far as Sweden and UK, it is no surprise that his talent at painting skateboards is still growing in popularity.

So Congrats to all three of our featured artists this week and to all the other fantastic artists Abztract currently has featured in our shop.  We will be adding more stuff from Temple, Philip and Shai and continue to add new artists and give people some great affordable art to hang in their crib.

Abztract Team