Friday, July 10, 2009

Gawker ALT/ART Show 2009

Lastnight, Abztract had the pleasure to be part of the Gawker Artists ALT/ART show. Gawker Artists is a curated online art community promoting the works of artists of all media. The ALT/ART show which featured Abztract Featured Artists Temple7e, Billi Kid, Jordan Seiler and Shai Dahan, was an event show of works made by Gawker Artists employing unconventional methods, media, and materials.

The event was great and even Billi Kid, Jordan Seiler and Shai Dahan dropped by to chat about their art.
While there, we had time to chat with Liz Dimmitt, curator of the Gawker Artists website and exhibition. We also had a chance to speak with James and Karla Murray, who have been documenting the streets of New York and Miami, publishing three best-selling books on the graffiti scene. We met some great people from the Gawker staff, friends, art fans and some of the other artists involved in the ALT/ART show, including Justin Emerson who paints lunch bags with some rad characters (see some of his work in the photos below).

So enjoy this collection of photos taken at the event and remember to stay Abztract.

Jordan Seilers skate deck. Available for purchase at the Abztract Shop

Shai Dahan and Temple7e's skate decks. Available for purchase at the Abztract Shop

Billi Kid's Blondie and Iggy Pop Stencil art.  Limited edition of 50 available as well a limited edition of 50 prints now available for purchase at the Abztract Shop

Some Justin Emerson lunch bags.  

Decked the walls.