Thursday, July 23, 2009

McCaig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn is closing

We are sad to hear that McCaig-Welles Gallery in BK is closing down.  We received the news via email this evening and we actually feel really saddened by the news for multiple reasons.
McCaig-Welles was one of the first galleries to open up in Williamsburg (before it became the art community it is today). They opened up in 2002 and has since hosted some amazing artists and events. 

The most unfortunate is that we recently spoke with Melissa prior to having her newborn and she loved the artwork of our Abztract artist and had explored interest in hosting our artists into their gallery.  It is sad to hear that we will not have a chance to work with Melissa and the fantastic gallery. 

We wish her and the rest of the McCaig-Welles team (and family) all the best and thank them for the great artists they supported and value they added to the art community.