Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's in the oven?

Abztract has been working hard and some great stuff is coming out very soon.

What's going on right now:

- A brand new blog we just launched. Bird Gun Blog will be the home to all of our new blog posting. We will now expand our blogging to cover abztract news, featured artist interviews, local art news, art gallery reviews, and even posting photos of street art we find to be worth mentioning. If you have some cool photos of street art, or have been to a good art show (even outside of the U.S.), send us the photos to and we may post them here on our site and give you props. You can also now leave comments on our postings as well as check out archived posts over here on the right :)

- The ALT/ART show at the Gawker office in New York City where along Jordan Seiler, Billi Kid, Temple7e and Shai Dahan, Abztract will be providing their artwork for the summer exhibit to be displayed at the Gawker show. The event will be on July 9th and will be covered by Abztract who will be in attendance. We will post photos of the event after the 9th so check back.

- We are glad to announce that Stuck One and Philip Lumbang have joined us as Featured Artists. Both come from Souther California and have been getting a lot of love in the art scene. Both are currently working on their designs to be sold exclusively on shop and will also have some Limited Edition Prints coming out soon as well.

- We are also excited to announce that we will soon launch "Photography Featured Artists". Abztract will introduce two very, very talented photographers soon as our first Photographer Featured Artists. This is an exciting time for us to give exposure to the art of photography and we will do it with two great guys.

- Glad to be invited back by our friends at the Grey Dog Cafe in NYC to deck out their walls starting July 15th. Abztract's Featured Artist Shai Dahan decked out their walls last summer and was a great success. We are glad to return with some new designs and some old school "Reservoir Dogs" decks too. We will have an opening for this location soon and will announce details here.

- Lastly, Abztract will be sponsoring the next CHALLENGE by projectCAPTURED.
projectCaptured organizes CHALLENGES where participants are provided with an assignment: A list of clues/items that need to be captured in a digital photo then uploaded to a specified location online.
Simply put, it's a scavenger hunt but so much more! We are excited to sponsor the next Challenge and be involved in this fast growing online project. Additional details will be posted here soon to all of you photography enthusiasts.

So that's it for us so far. We have new stuff brewing that we can not really tell you about just yet (don't want to spoil the surprise). For now, enjoy our ever growing new blog BGB and make sure to head back to to read up on new artist bios, check out the shop for some affordable art by great established and emerging artists and hit us up with any thoughts, ideas or photos at

Abztract Team