Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haters Are Bastards

We dislike haters. There are a lot of individulas and groups out there that hate on street art and their form. We here at BGB call those haters a bunch of bastards who obviously lack talent and had father-issues. They are like that kid in class in Junior High who used to tell on you to the teacher when you spent time doodling ninjas on your book instead of focusing on reading "Fahrenheit 451".

Lately, there has been a few punk ass haters who shot up a Banksy piece up with a paintball gun. It got a lot of attention in the blog world and even Lance Armstrong Twittered about it saying “Quit shooting paintball guns at the Banksy please!"

Well, it looks like one of our Abztract Featured Artists and one of a few street artists who can actually pull off street art that is both thought provoking and cute at the same time, was hit up in the same manner that Banksy was. Philip Lumbang, a Los Angeles native and one artist we truly believe will be bigger than any of us hopes he will be, had one of his iconic "Peaceful Bears" splatterd with paintballs.

We are not sure why people go out of their way to destroy art. If it's to prove a point about how street-art is destroying public property, well than shooting it with paintball guns is not really an effective way to do this. Nobody ever gets away with killing a murderer to prove that killing people is bad.

It is especially upsetting when they do it to work like Philip's awesome bears. How can you hate on cute little bears who add value to an otherwise boring and bland asphalt? It ads a way for people to enjoy the uninteresting surroundings and helps add art into the community (which is way better than stuffing it with advertisements).

So this post is for you haters. You got the attention you obviously lacked from your parents. We give you two thumbs up for being world class douchbags and while, as Philip puts it in his tweet "Are an awesome shot", apparently, aiming forward is the only thing you are good at.

Perhaps its time to stop aiming at art, and aim for the sky instead. Be someone who ads value to the world instead of destroying the hard work of those who already are making a difference in it.

Stay Happy as a Bear Yall!

Abztract Fam