Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tel Aviv Graffiti Trailer

We came across this video trailer to a documentary about the graffiti and street art scene in Israel. The art scene in Israel has been getting a lot of exposure as of lately and even the likes of KNOW HOPE who we are big fans of, has had a lot of work throughout Tel Aviv and Israel in general.
One of us here at Abztract speaks Hebrew and took a shot at translating some of it.
One of the artists in the video is heard saying "To people who may ask, why it is we do this? It's because we don't know what we would do without it"
Another tells the camera "Everyday I am not out doing graffiti, I feel like I am missing something."
Another speaks about his current standings with the law as an artists telling the camera "Basically, if I get caught for writing the smallest letter on something, I go to jail".

The video may not be much (moves very fast and most of it is in Hebrew) but its a nice glimpse into the graffiti scene in Israel.