Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Million Snowmen March

It's winter. Saddest part about winter is that street-art pretty much hibernates. Artists don't hit the streets to put up new work as much (atleast not many) and even if some do, it is very unenjoyable to go roam the streets to find the new pieces and catch them on camera.

But, art comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, that form is frozen H2O.
We ran across this image via Urban Pranksters who found it originally on Flickr.
We just couldn't resist posting it here too. I mean seriously, this is pretty damn cool.

Some may say "Well, this isn't art". But we see art partly defined as:
1) something that takes time, creativity and thought
2) Uses elements beyond just the normal (pencil and paper)
3) provide some sort of thought or emotion.
We think this accomplishes all three so yes, to us atleast, this is art.