Tuesday, October 6, 2009

STREET LAYERS - Beauty Uncovered

There is nothing more exciting for us then discovering a new piece by a favorite artist, or even discovering a new artist all together. Roaming the streets of NYC and LA (or even great websites like Unurth for example) that consistently update with images from around the world covering street-art, we always get a kick when we come across something dope.

But, when we come across a new site that captures the beauty of street-art, occasionally it can be just as rewarding. It's hard to compare seeing something in your own eyes as to seeing it online. You never capture the atmosphere, the vibe, the city, the culture and everything that revolves around the art. What the art is surrounded by, or faces or sits next to is just as important as the reason and cause of the piece being there in the first place.

But, on a rare occasion, some great photographers come along and capture art on the streets that capture the feeling and vibe of everything involved. For example is the image above. The photo was taken at the MBP art show and sums up exactly the sensation that was felt that day. That even rain, can not stop anyone there from having fun (young or old). People painted and enjoyed the day of art regardless of the weather.

The image was captured by Vinny Cornelli who we had the pleasure of meeting briefly at the MBP event. Vinny mentioned a site where he archives his collection of photographs he has been taking over the years. Since we love the image above, we had to try and see how the rest of his work looks.

Introducing, STREET LAYERS.
As written by Vinny in the much inspiring ABOUT page on the site, he describes what SL is and what he hopes to accomplish with it and his photographs:

"STREET LAYERS is specific to finding beauty amidst an often-chaotic home base. In one iteration, I consider this beauty as it is one of the ways we stand together, united and tied to another - It is our voice; it is our art.

I think STREET LAYERS demonstrates that sometimes it is what's most obvious and often overlooked that holds a high concentration of beauty – it just may need the perfect red frame to resonate to another in the most natural and simplest of ways."

We are not sure how we only just discovered this site (as seeing its been archived since 2004) but we have viewed majority of the images and still finding new favorites on it.

We recommend you take 10 minutes out of the cube life, or out of roaming facebook, or out of reading another Perez Hilton post about crackheads in Hollywood and take yourself over to STREET LAYERS. Enjoy some amazing photography of street-art around the world.

We guarantee it will change the way you look at walls in public spaces forever.

To see it all click here.