Friday, October 2, 2009

Jordan Selier in Plastique Magazine

Good pal and featured artist Jordan Seiler, who runs a fantastic website called Public Ad Campaign where he chronicles the activities of artists intent on reclaiming public space from illegal advertising. Jordan has spearheaded multiple projects through his site including the much publicized NYSAT in 2008, in which large group of artists took over the New York City streets in one day to white wash illegal ads put up by NPA Outdoor Advertising and then paint the white washed spaces as large, city parked canvas.

Jordan wrote a piece in Plastique Magazine in London recently, a fashion and culture magazine.
We love to see when our friends and fellow artists get to give exposure not only for their art, but to causes and issues they feel strongly and passionate about. So we are stoked to see Jordan able to reach outside of NYC and even across the pond with the mission he is trying to help raise awareness too.

We highly recommend you take a few minutes and shoot over to his site using the link below to read his article and why he does what he does.

Read the article HERE

photo by Adam Amengual