Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rebirth of

Co-founder of Abztract Shai Dahan has relaunched his "Deckyourself" website where he creates custom hand painted skate decks. Shai has done skateboards for Perez Hilton, Sweet Action Ice Cream and even worked with some charities such as Life Rolls On and Stoked Mentoring.

We are excited to see him relaunch this site because while limited edition skate designs are a dime-a-dozen, custom made ones which feature your dog or even your favorite video game, is something hard to find.

Kudos for the relaunch. We look forward to the ever growing collection on that site. Also,
some of his current works featured on that site are available on our ABZTRACT SHOP, so make sure to grab one before they are gone.