Thursday, December 10, 2009


"Successful" would be an understatement as to how the event that our friends at STOKED MENTORING went last weekend. The event was to celebrate how the non-profit has helped change 500 lives for teens across the nation. Stoked is just an amazing group of people who work 24/7 at making sure underprivileged teens get every possible benefit and chance that most of us have had go unappreciated when we were teens.

The event honored pro-skater Rob Dyrdek. Abztract gave their talent and skill of artist Shai Dahan to create a customized skateboard that featured Rob and all his accomplishments.
In addition to the skateboard, Abztract also designed a shirt that was sold at the event to help raise money for the organization.

The event was a BIG success as Monster drink and DC shoes sponsored the event and Rob, along with his friend Sal Masekela and founder of Stoked Steve Larosiliere helped rais over $10,000 (which is just amazing).

Go check out and become a mentor or just give a little to help them make the holidays a bit more special for so many teens in your community.

Stay Stoked!

(images via bnqt and RadCollector)
Sal Masekela, Rob Dyrdek and Stoked founder Steve Larosiliere

Rob Dyrdek getting his Abztract deck

The design Abztract created for the STOKED shirts were made live at the event

Friend of Stoked and friend of Abztract, Jesse Billauer of Life Rolls On, another amazing charity