Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucas X New Era = Absolute Ridiculousness

Yes, we know this post has nothing to do with street-art, but there is one thing we love as much as street-art, and that is being big fans of Star Wars.  
We participate in Star Wars art shows, we even collect Star Wars art and to be honest, we seen the movies over a hundred times (atleast part 4, 5 and 6).  Heck, We even have some other collectibles including a rare hologram watch from the late 80's and a film strip from the original trailer.  But that's just how we space roll.

But, LucasFilms has been slipping lately.  They have let their Star Wars image/brand and everything in between get used (and sometimes abused) like no other.  They have done stuff with Marc Echo, Adidas and even some luggage.  But now, they teamed up with New Era caps to create what to us, looks like something you would buy at Six Flags Magic Mountain after riding on a Clone Wars ride (which they obviously don't have because nobody would ride it).

We are big fans of Star Wars and even fans of New Era, but these designs are just bad beyond belief.  Sad too since Star Wars is (in our opinion) one of the greatest franchises of all times (up there with Disney).  Just sad that while Disney can put out "Goofy Ears" hats and get away with it because lets face it, people buy those TO LOOK GOOFY, making Star Wars hats that make you look like a moron is a slap in the face to people who really are fans.  But hey, I guess Lucas has to make that cheddar.  Can't ride that Clone Wars gravey train forever.