Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joe Iurato paints his own Sistine Chapel

So a few weeks back, we showed you the fresh Gonz stencil our homie and Abztract artist Joe Iurato did.  Well, besides busting out some crazy dope original art for the Rogue Status show we did in LA in early April, the dude has been keeping himself very busy.

Joe hit up DAY ONE Skateshop in CT and took on the challenge of painting upside down for the first time (straight up Sistine Chapel style).  The stencil work he did on their ceiling is of John Cardiel and Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales.  

Check out these action shots.  Joe tells us that he will be returning to DAY ONE SKATESHOP to add additional work to their ceiling adding more portraits every couple of months painting it live during the shops events until the entire ceiling is full.  

Props and kudos for not only taking on such an extreme challenge, but doing so by giving homage to some true skate legends.