Friday, April 23, 2010

"Exit Through the Wharf" - an SF movie

Banksy has been getting around like a bad case of herpes at a Hilton Serority dormroom.
As advertising for his film (yeh, we call that shit for what it really is), he has been doing the rounds in LA, NY and now San Fran.

Whether you love him or hate him or just frankly don't give a shit, you probably have seen a lot about him as of late. He has made the cover of numerous papers and magazines and has Twitter and Facebook making cyber versions of little girl giggle noises.

The folks at went out and shot some footage. It's cool if you are into seeing the "stoked" folks who "love his work" be interviewed. (My personal favorite: "I knew Banksy before he got famous!"). Right on. I knew milk before it was yogurt.

Regardless of our opinion of the street-art Jesus (we're Jewish), we chose to share this video that was sent by the nice folks at Warholian because those folks seem to really take the time to go out, shoot footage, interview folks and cut that shit up on Avid (which apparently according to Mr. Brainwash, is all you need to do to get your street-art movie into Sundance these days).

So enjoy and check out the extensive gallery on their flickr as well: HERE