Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our good friends at Public Ad Campaign have worked very hard (twice) to pull of the New York Street Ad Takeover (NYSAT). The NYSAT was a great project that helped replace illegal advertising in the city of NY with art by local (and even some none local) artists. Even a few Abztract featured artists took part in the event.

Well, apparently the folks at PAC have been working even harder and taking all the photos, videos and info and putting it together for a micro site for all to enjoy (and learn a bit about the illegal advertising that goes on in NYC by NPA. who by the way may also be operating illegally in your town as well).

Check it out. There is a lot of videos, images and even the Project Documentation tab has all the locations listed as links to each illegal ad that was placed, how it was whitewashed, and then how it was replaced with art.

For those who do not know what NYSAT is, please take the time to check this site out. It was a fantastic project for us to be part of and we hope that (if/when) it happens again, you can join us.