Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We are big fans of the work Mr. Seiler does for NYC and helping bring awareness to illegal advertising. But in between running his highly publicized Public Ad Campaign website, and leading projects such as the NYSAT (that included Abztract featured artists Shai Dahan, Philip Lumbang, Royce Bannon and many other friends in the street art community) Jordan still finds time to hit the streets.

The great part about his street art is that it does not infringe on public space illegally (unlike the outdoor advertising companies such as NPA do way more than they ever should). Jordan instead, places his art upon the actual illegal outdoor advertising metal frames. What better way to show artwork on the streets than by taking away ugly movie posters that were pushed in your face illegally in the first place?

Jordan says: "I hope to eventually be able to visually get rid of the advertisement as well as the frame that retains it. This piece begins to do that but practice on the street will make a big difference."

We are excited (and hopeful) that Jordan will be hitting the streets more this year and look forward to see his original and visually fresh weave patterns on our block soon.

Check out his thoughts about this piece as well as much more by visiting his site at