Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RWK at VMG this Friday

Our good pals Robots Will Kill have been celebrating their 10 year anniversary like any good group of artists do: an art show and a trip to Vegas. Ok, maybe not the Vegas part, although I think the Luxor could use a bit of RWK stickers on that ugly glass pyramid. Spice it up Vegas!
If you are not familiar with the work of RWK, then you need to crawl out from under that rock you have been sleeping under (unless you are stuck under that rock, in which case, see James Franco on how to cut yourself out), RWK is a fantastic group of talented mo-fos. It includes artists Veng, Chris, JesseRobot, Peeta, ECB, Kev and Flying Fortress. Most of these folks have worked with Abztract in the past on art shows and random trips to Vegas, but now they are putting a great show at Vincent Michael Gallery. VMG hosted other Abztract Collective artists in the past such as Shai Dahan, Joe Iurato as well as Arkiv and Jordan Seiler. So we are not surprised to see this great gallery hosting RWK. We highly recommend you rent a zip car (or ask your roomate to borrow his van) and take a trip to Philly on April 1st if you are in NYC or surrounding areas. If you are in Miami, Los Angeles, San Fran or Europe, well, you may be out of luck (which is too bad since we heard the afterparty may be in Vegas.....ok, maybe not. but would have been cool).

So yeh, check the show out. info below:
The show is April 1st from 7pm-10pm at

1050 North Hancock Street Suite 63
Philadelphia, PA 19123