Thursday, January 20, 2011

BirdGunBlog on a list among friends

Sometimes we find info about Street-Art in the strangest places. Today, we found out that this blog (BirdGunBlog) which is the official blog of was on a list of the "Top 49 Street Art Blogs".

First, we are honored. Most of our posts are about events and things happening with our featured artists. We try to expand to the rest of the street-art world at times, but we actually see some really great websites out there already who do that way better and more often than we ever can wish for.
Second, we are stoked to be on a list with such great names (as well as some friends of ours) including Unurth, Brooklyn Street Art, Vandalog, Streetsy, Arrested Motion and so many others we have had bookedmarked for ages and hope that you will too.

So, here is a link to the fabulous list of the: Top 49 Street Art Blogs. Take the time and visit each of them, we guarantee you will find a couple worth returning to (and make sure to bookmark this blog if you haven't already).

We are number 17 if you looking for us ;)