Tuesday, February 2, 2010

London Graff Crew of the Year: ATG / DWS

Graff London holds an award of sort for the best of the best in the world of graffiti in the UK. It is voted by the people and while it does not have any actual prizes/awards given out, it is a way to have the followers of the art/graffiti scene in the UK really vote for who they feel have made strong impressions for 2009.
The awards is listed for some titles such as "Writer of the decade" and "Writer of the Year", but it was "Crew of the year" for 2009 that we were stoked on.

ATG, a graffiti/art crew from the UK got 2nd place (with DWS in 1st). ATG have been good pals of the Abztract family along with our good friends over at Rogue Status who have done a few collaboration with them. So we are really stoked to see they are getting big recognition for all they have done in the year of 2009.

So a big congrats to the entire ATG family.